The leadership of the parish consists of the Rector, Wardens and Vestry as defined in the Constitution and By-Laws of the Parish. The Vestry now represents committed Christians from around the world, whose Anglican faith enriches the Parish of St. Paul and the wider community of Brockton and beyond.

The Vestry manages the prudential affairs and cares for the property of the Parish. It provides for the raising and collecting of money for the support of the Church and for missionary purposes.  The Vestry also supervises and directs the officers, excepting the Rector, in the discharge of their duties and audits the accounts of the Treasurer. 

Adapted from Article X, Constitution and By-Laws.


  • Jean Gerald Barthelemy, Haiti
  • Wilder Belizaire, Haiti
  • Benjamin Blemkson, Ghana
  • Jerome Bowen, Liberia
  • Rita Cormier, USA
  • John Dearn, USA
  • Deirdre A. DeVine, Sr. Warden, USA
  • Nicole Gibbons, Barbados
  • James Gosnell, USA
  • Betty Henderson, USA
  • James A. Hinds, Jr. Warden, Barbados
  • Ephraim Ihenacho, Nigeria
  • Euphemia Jones, Clerk, Liberia
  • Kato Kajubi, Treasurer, Uganda
  • Justin Ogbonna, Nigeria
  • Allan Rowbotham, USA
  • Ann Teale, Nigeria
  • Jan Witherbee, USA


  • Most Rev’d Mark D. Haverland, Archbishop
  • Rt. Rev’d Edward MacBurney
  • Rt. Rev’d Dr. John Rodgers Bishops Emeritus
  • Rt. Rev’d Paul C. Hewett, Bishop
  • Rev’d Czarr D. Freeman, Priest-in-charge
  • Rev’d Dr. Atwood L. Rice, Visiting Priest


  • Deirdre DeVine, M.Litt.
    Music Director