Burial for the dead is a Sacrament of the Church, and “baptized Christians are properly buried from the church” (Book of Common Prayer, 1979).  And, “since the Holy Eucharist is the Church’s principal offering of sacrifice, prayer, and praise, it is most appropriate that a Mass of Requiem be celebrated in connection with every Christian’s death.” (Anglican Service Book, page 361).

The clergy and/or parish office – 508-588-PAUL (7285) – should be notified before any other arrangements are undertaken, so that proper ones may be made.  There is no fee for clergy services in the church.  Flowers for services in the church, if desired, are to be arranged with the Directress of the Altar Guild, through the parish office, for which there is a modest charge.  If music is desired, the fee for the organist is $125; visiting vocalists and musicians must be approved by the Music Director and Rector, fees for which are the responsibility of of the family involved.

Only in exceptional pastoral circumstances are the clergy able to conduct burial services outside the church, for which normal funeral home charges will prevail.  In any event, in the church or funeral home, the casket is to be closed before the service and remain closed thereafter.

In cases of small burial services, of no more than forty participants, modest receptions may follow in the Foyer.  The fee for this use will be $300.