Our Music

As stated in our Principles, the 1662 Book of Common Prayer is our standard for the administration of the Sacrements and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, being both our standard of doctrine and bond of fellowship.

Regularly, we employ the 1991 Anglican Service Book as a prudent contemporary form, which, however, insures that the substance of the Faith is kept entire.

See our Calendar for Sabbath and Holy Day observance.

Choral Music

Superb choral music and choir training have long been part of the history of St. Paul’s, with choirs of men and boys, youth choirs, or mixed choirs forming at various times throughout the years under distinguished choirmaster / organists.

These musicians have provided matchless training and experience in expressing the faith.  Today, talented instrumentalists accompany the services and choirs are formed for special music during all the liturgical seasons of the year.  Guest organists also provide music for festivals of faith and special services and programs on an ongoing basis.  This includes the annual Choral Evensong on the Feast of Our Lady of Walsingham, sung jointly with the choir of St. Athanasius, Boston and held at the Chapel of Saint Mary, Stonehill College in North Easton, Massachusetts.

Since music supports the liturgy, our music seeks to reflect the best of Anglican and service music and hymnody.  For this the parish uses the New English Hymnal and provides training in hymn-singing to young choristers and adults alike.  The parish welcomes singers and instrumentalists to join in celebrating the faith ‘with a voice of singing.’

New English Hymnal

The New English Hymnal, July 1994 edition (The Canterbury Press, Norwich), includes most of the great classic hymns in common use, as well as more recent hymns which have established themselves and a few new hymns which may withstand the test of time.

The hymnal’s intent is to remain true to the purpose of offering objective praise and worship to God, the lover of mankind, who prompts our loving response to others, rather than offering simple gospel song verses.  The hymn tunes are set at a pitch to suit unison congregational singing, with a few choir-only versions for occasional variety of performance.  We also incorporate hymns from other traditions for selected occasions as appropriate.


After twelve years without a pipe organ, historically the defining instrument of a church, the parish will dedicate in November 011, a new pipe organ built for New Parish Hall.  The David E. Wallace & Company, Pipe Organ builders of Gorham Maine, is building the organ by hand, custom-designed for the musical, architectural, acoustical and physical requirements of New Parish Hall.  It is also being built to be capable of transitioning from New Parish Hall to the next phase of our Master Plan, the main Church itself.

The organ is a two manual, mechanical (tracker) action pipe organ, with several ranks of pipes suitable for the nature of Anglican service music and hymns.  The instrument will lead and support our choir and congregation in their singing and expand the scope of music we can offer in worship and to the musical training provided through our parish.