Persons desiring to be married in the eyes of the Church are required to obtain a Marriage License from a city or town in a State and be legally united by a competent civil authority (e.g., Clerk, Justice of the Peace, Judge, Minister). Following such, either on the same day or at a mutually convenient time, the couple shall come to the church with their guests for a Mass celebrating and blessing the union.

Ordinarily, one of the persons desiring the solemnization of marriage by the Church must be a baptized member of the Parish in good standing, or in exceptional circumstances a relative or close friend of someone similarly associated with a congregation with which the Parish is In Communio Sacris. After application with one of the clergy for such ministry, a six month waiting period must normally elapse, during which time participation in marriage preparation and regular attendance at Sunday services and other aspects of Parish life is required.

Services of Marriage/Blessing normally occur on Saturdays outside of Advent and Lent.
If desired, Receptions may be held in Parish Hall. The fee for the use of the church and the clergyman is $300; with the mentioned Reception, $500 for each fifty guests up to two hundred. All foods at such must be prepared and served by a licensed and insured caterer.

Only sacred music is permitted for services in the church, and this must be arranged with the Parish Music Director as approved by the Rector. Visiting vocalists and musicians for such must likewise be approved by the Music Director and the Rector. Fees for all such music are the responsibility of the bride and groom.

The Rector or Associate Priest ordinarily presides at Services of Marriage Blessing in the Parish. Only the Rector may grant permission for a visiting cleric, who must personally submit a written request to him well in advance of the event.

A one perspective DVD of Services of Marriage Blessing (from the rear of the Nave) is available from the Parish at a cost of $100. Otherwise, no photos or videos are permitted during the actual ceremony by anyone; professional persons engaged for such purposes must clarify with the celebrant prior to the service as to where and when other shots of live or posed actions may be taken.